Adelaide,South Australia.

Adelaide,South Australia.

Friday, 16 March 2018


Thankless task

I don't know why we continue to clean up two local roads. It's thankless and on-going.Some of the rubbish is deliberately put there as rubbish bags full of household waste and  emptied on the road and medium strip. 

Rubbish 3rd March.
Rubbish collected Blacks Road 11th March
This is the rubbish from just one week along the road and fence line of a local Catholic school.

Today's rubbish haul.
The only benefit as I see it , is that I get my walk in for the day, and it doesn't look horrible when we drive those sections of the road.I have also strengthened my legs and balance as I shinny up and down the embankments at the side of the road. My balance is definitely better. Occasionally a person says thanks!

Correct round shoulders

fabric flowers from lace scraps