Crocuses are just popping up

Crocuses are just popping up
Crocus bulbs just showing through!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

What's on our desks Wednesday! WOYWW # 408  ....and Giveaway-  ( for Followers)see below ****

More Painted Lady Muses. One to give away

**Warning... You can't make just one!! I've made 12 so far and still going!

If you'd like to win one of these please indicate in comments box. 

Hand drawn and painted Card

I have completed making up 2 parcels this past weekend.This card is for a swap buddy in Canada. It has a Spring theme and has lots of Spring goodies inside the card.I hope she likes her parcel.

"Artsy Fartsy" Muse

This is my version of "Artsy Farsty" Muse, a doll making course I'm doing on line with Barb Owen. I have 2 faces ready, but just how to make their head adornments has me stumped. I originally had been thinking of an  Autumn Muse, and this still could happen, but equally I could make this one a jester! Hmm...

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Artsy Fartsy Muse

                                               "  Artsy Fartsy " Muse

Psst!! She'll have a head after this weekend!
This headless creation is my "take" on Barb Owen's "Artsy Fartsy" Muse from her doll making class. If you want to know what the original looks like, look across to Barb Owen's You Tube video,look to top right of still picture where a white arrow is.That's Barb's Artsy Muse.Those of you who know me, know that measuring is not my strong point, so instead of sewing and weaving strips of fabric like in Barb's demo' doll, I made my own fabric, by free motion stitching over a firm fabric base with scraps cut and sprinkled all over, then that layer covered with sheer fabric, then free Motion stitched. 

It makes the most wonderful stiff fabric for all sorts of things.In the past i have made purses, pouches, doll accessories... I made this one with sleeves.I designed my own legs, and will make a head today, so I can say these two are "done"! This one might be an Art Muse , or an Autumn Muse.Not sure what she wants. 
Autumn is slowing being felt here with the leaves starting to turn.I love being in a place that has changing seasons. 
Hope your weekend is relaxing! Or exciting- whichever ..?

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Gardening etc

I have been potting on some cuttings from my pot plants, and these will be donated to a local thrift shop.These can grow over the Winter and be ready for Spring.

                               New Flat Dolls -
ready to complete painting, the fabric collage on clothes.These are my own drawings. They are getting more detailed. 

I have this book, but doll making has grabbed me at the moment!